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The Tenacity of Champions

Praxis Value has worked with customers all around the world, assisting them in responding to issues when everything is at stake—from acute performance improvement to complex restructuring, risk mitigation to rapid transformation. 

Each project is unique, but they all share one thing in common: the need for determined, informed, and frequently time-sensitive action. Because that need is at the heart of all we do, it has shaped every part of our business. 

The way we work—both with our clients and with one another—is as much a part of who we are as what we do. It’s what distinguishes us as a partner of choice for some of the world’s most successful as well as most challenged businesses, when it really matters

A Different Kind of Consulting

Unlike consulting organizations that advise, teach, and execute on your behalf, your leaders and employees lead your breakthrough, innovation, and transformation activities. We catalyze, prod, and advise; you and your people take the lead, and as a result, capacities and competencies are created within your organization rather than leaving when we depart. 

Our partnership will combine your in-depth understanding of your business with our professional insights and exclusive methodologies for thinking differently, changing behavior, and achieving outcomes, with a shared commitment to the breakthrough, innovation, and/or change you desire. Our work with you has been refined over years of experience working with CEOs and large corporations. 

Our name encapsulates the essence of our consulting organization. Praxis implies “to incorporate theory into practice,” while “value” refers to “deriving value from it.”

A New Paradigm For Action

Think newly. Act differently. Unequivocally, you will produce an extraordinary results.

Performance is not solely a function of knowledge, ability, or reward. If that were the case, millions of people who understand precisely how to complete projects on time would complete them on time, legions of managers who understand precisely how to manage change would successfully complete change initiatives, and all executives who understand precisely how to lead their enterprises would have high-performing enterprises. And yet, this is not the case. Unfortunately, knowing what to do and possessing the necessary skills does not necessarily result in game-changing or transformative consequences.

Perhaps more conclusively, performance is determined by the background of our frame of reference’s ideas, assumptions, traditions, conventions, and presuppositions. This environment shapes our perception of the world, our thinking, and, ultimately, our behavior. Praxis Value Consulting is unique in that we use these powerful and, at times, hidden forces as a springboard for breakthrough performance.

We measure our success by the success of our clients

Serving our clients—including corporations, private equity firms, and government organizations

By the Numbers

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What makes us different



We are passionate about the results and committed to the highest level of professionalism and ethical standards in whatever we do.


Honesty & Openness

We possess a profound intellectual honesty and the courage to say it how it is in clear terms.



We blend bold thinking with a pragmatic strategy that prioritizes getting things done, converting ideas into action, and delivering outcomes.


One Team

We collaborate globally — both with one another and with our clients — to focus our collective energy on accomplishing the extraordinary.


Results, not reports

We founded our company on the principle and belief that clients should get results—not just reports—from the experts

Perfect Fit

We assess our success in real terms, not merely in terms of the advice we provide. So, unlike many consulting firms, we don’t just give recommendations and depart; we stay until the task is completed. We’re responsible for a realistic, long-term result that not only helps you achieve now but also prepares you to build on that success in the future —when it really matters

“We assure that your workforce will think differently, act differently, and deliver extraordinary outcomes.”

What can we help you achieve?

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