Advanced Data Analytics

Advance Analytics

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Data Analytics

The definition of data analytics covers the field’s broad reach by defining it as the process of analysing raw data to detect trends and answer questions. It does, however, cover a wide range of procedures with a variety of objectives.

Some components of the data analytics process can aid in a range of activities. A good data analytics programme will present a clear picture of where you are, where you have been, and where you should be by merging these components.

Praxis Value analytics, machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions assist you in achieving a variety of targeted business outcomes, such as enhancing profitability, enabling data- driven decisions, improving operational efficiency, and risk management. Because of our significant work across a variety of sectors, we understand the insights you need to acquire from your data sets.

Analytics create new opportunities

“In five years, where do we want to be as a result of advanced analytics?” What impact would this have on our company model, culture, portfolio mix, and value proposition? ” For good reason, CEOs all across the world are asking these questions. Analytics has the ability to upend traditional business models in a variety of industries, but CEOs are unsure how. The situation is critical.

Analytics executives are learning how to develop and capitalise on new opportunities in addition to reorienting old business models. Organizations are shifting from data hoarding to data sharing. As part of industry consortia, some are pooling data, enhancing its comprehensiveness and thus its worth. Data and analytics are being introduced as value- added services to the offerings of product-based enterprises. Some have gone even farther, charging for the analytics-enabled service rather than selling the product directly.

Analytical Decision Making 

Decisions matter, according to Praxis Value’s extensive research, for the companies that use advanced analytics initially, midlevel decisions represent a potential gold mine. Also, the Companies that make better decisions, make them faster, and implement them efficiently outperform their competitors and peers in terms of financial performance. Companies can improve their performance by using analytic tools to make better, faster decisions, especially in the broad middle range.

Companies are finding it increasingly challenging to unleash the full potential of data as its volume and complexity grow. We take a holistic approach to your data challenges, assisting you in overcoming obstacles and establishing as an analytics leader.

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We Make Your Data Work for you

Synergic growth under different business scenarios to be truly transformative



Conduct extensive study to uncover opportunities and mitigate threats



Connect your plan to your techniques to accomplish your goals



Analyze data to gain insights – To continuously improve & keep an advantage

What we deliver

Predictive Analysis

Data Quality & Governance

Data Quality & Governance

Data as a Strategic Asset Master Data Management
smart factory

Predictive Intelligence

Predictive Intelligence

AI & ML powered Analytics Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics

Business Intelligence & Visualization

Business Intelligence & Visualization

“Beyond the Dashboard” Power BI and Tableau

Industries we serve

Our Methodology

Our approach includes a strong foundation of technology enablement, strategic advice and risk management.

Develop winning business growth strategies

  • Understand the Organizations Risk Demand
  • Align data reporting Governance Framework
  • Capture requirements and priorities
  • Assist with data collection processes

Technology into business strategy and operations

  • Identify, Define, Publish & Control Data
  • Clean the structure the data
  • Apply improved data and Quality Controls
  • Provide Insight, Analysis & Dimension Capabilities

Risk Management & Compliance

  • Assess Current Data & Quality Controls
  • Bridge the gap between Business needs & Flexibility
  • Control Framework with Industry & Regulatory Compliance
  • Implement Risk Management Processes

What to Expect

Praxis Value helps retail businesses use data about shoppers, transactions, and categories to predict the future. This helps them increase transactional volume and customer profitability, cut supply chain costs, and improve store operations.

Improve capacity planning by gaining a thorough understanding of supply chain performance and hazards. Instead, use powerful prediction algorithms to eliminate or reduce sample testing wait times.

Instead, use powerful prediction algorithms to eliminate or reduce sample testing wait times. Instead, use powerful prediction algorithms to eliminate or reduce sample testing wait times.

Improve product quality and total yield across batch and continuous operations by applying artificial intelligence to forecast off-spec products more efficiently than previous approaches. Remove all potential sources of human or instrument error.

AI/ML will be used to develop an anticipatory approach to customer demands and preferences that will transform their omnichannel experiences. Real-time AI-generated projections and customised services based on insights.

The primary motivators for creating new work-spaces are flexibility, cooperation, and communication. The three key factors that are impeding the adoption of AI applications are Culture, Complexity, and Self-assurance.

Our Approach​

As a Business Consulting firm with multi-industry experience, we help your business’s bottom line & help you plan ahead

Proven Outcomes

Reductions in Maintenance Cost
0 %
Improvement in workforce Efficiency
25 %
Reduction in Unplanned Downtime
0 %

Client Results - Case Study

Industry – Paper Industry

Client was facing due to the high production losses due to the high number of issues & stoppages in the machine. Also, to remain competitive, it needed to improve its manufacturing facilities to reduce cost, increase capacity and innovation to remain competitive. Primarily they required a process for proactive monitoring to address the business needs…

Advanced Analytics with Praxis Value​


Agile & Lean Delivery

Agile project delivery and development process for data analysis, discovery, and interpretation

Long-term Value

Proven track record, rapid, cost-effective project delivery that saves customers money and time while also adding value

Strong Technological Expertise

Experienced in an array of industry verticals. Client-centric collaborative, conversational, & transparent approach

Industry Best Standards in Data Privacy

Because data privacy is firmly ingrained in every encounter, we adhere to the best practices for protecting your data.

Core Competencies

What we think

What can we help you achieve?

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