Supply Chain Transformation

Supply Chain Transformation

Transforming a traditional cost center into a Value driver


What is Supply Chain Transformation

Supply chain transformation uses technology to increase performance. Although the term can refer to any overhaul of supply chain management (SCM) techniques and processes, it is generally tied to the digitization of supply networks. Supply chain changes involve digital investments and transformation management. Digital investments are the technology and equipment assets for the transformation. The goal is to optimize supply chain flow for the business.

In today’s business and technological landscape, this means digitizing supply chain procedures. Amazon, which uses autonomous cars, is a leader in supply chain transformation, redefining what’s possible. Other companies must adjust their supply chain-transforming companies to compete with them.

Supply Chain Strategy

Supply Chain Strategy


Pandemics, trade wars, and catastrophic hurricanes are just a few of the recent market disruptions. The value of resilient and sustainable supply networks is now recognized around the world. Companies’ decisions about the structure of global value networks have long-term and far-reaching implications. So, they must be based on a supply chain strategy that comes from the business strategy and is supported by the corporate vision.

The supply chain strategy is the foundation for medium- to long-term value chain orientation, securing competitiveness and reducing risks. It establishes the basis for operational supply chain management to optimize delivery performance and costs. Supply chains need to be lean, efficient, and flexible so that they can respond quickly to changes, trends, and threats.

Early identification, thorough analysis, and integration of relevant requirements into the supply chain strategy are all critical. Current and future client needs, competition, technical advancements, as well as geopolitical, legal, ecological, and economic conditions, are all important considerations.

What to Expect

Take the lead on Supply Chain Transformation

Greater control over supply chain functions, capabilities and processes in the long term.

Reduced damages, delays, optimize demand planning & improve inventory management.

Better organizational ability to meet current and long-term strategic & operational goals.

Improved lead times, delivering right quality & quantity to the customer at the right time.

Digital supply chains enable collaboration – multiple internal, external systems & people.

Tap opportunity to realize increased short and long-term cash flows and cost savings

Our Approach

Aggressive, integrated roadmap that balances long-term performance with quick wins>

Praxis Value has the experience to create a custom supply chain strategy based on your unique structure and needs. A proven process model aids in the rigorous and goal-oriented management of operations. We address the most complex issues facing businesses by using global strengths in consumer and industrial products, resources, financial services, telecom, and healthcare.

The way that businesses operate and the competitive environment in which they operate are both being disrupted on a regular basis. It’s difficult to keep up, therefore your company needs to be adaptable and quick to change, with a culture that recognizes, welcomes, and even encourages business transformation. Praxis Value’s qualified specialists and industry expertise, experience, and ability to assist organizations to identify the path ahead and create a road map that will bring them there profitably and efficiently.

At Praxis Value we leverage facts to make impactful decisions, with the goal of maximizing financial value, and this spirit infuses all we do. Our approach is to capitalize on the potential opportunities, which results in an increase in EBITDA.


Shipping and Logistics
Cost Reduction
10 %
Customer Satisfaction
20 %
Decrease in Product
Development Cycle Time
40 %

Client Results - Case Study

Industry – Industrial Engineering

A manufacturing was suffering from slow growth and diminished market share. To remain competitive, it needed to improve its manufacturing facilities to reduce cost and increase capacity. It also need to invest in innovation to remain competitive. Praxis Value Incorporated Lean Six Sigma principles to improve the company’s plant performance, which yielded 15 percent cost savings and increased flexibility.

Business Transformation with Praxis Value​


Unlocking Value Fast

By focusing on the key areas for innovation, Capabilities & performance alignment with key enterprise strategies

Sustaining Success

By collaborating with leaders across the company to ensure that operational advantages are sustained over time

Strengthening Capabilities

By offering organizations the digital tools, skills, and expertise they need to tackle the operational challenges

Optimizing the Supply Chain

By dismantling silos and establishing transparency across the operational theme

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