Effective & efficient processes first time right

Effective & efficient processes first time right

Before investing time and money, design, validate, and optimise new processes and facilities.


Everything you need to design, test and verify a new process?

No detail is too little when it comes to developing new processes and facilities
Organizations always need to make choices on staffing, resources, capacity, procedures, processes, and how they’ll need to evolve when internal and external changes occur. Organizations rely on our simulation solutions to develop, verify, and optimize new processes and facilities before investing in and implementing the existing system.

Decisions you can make

Make decisions on personnel, resources, capacity, procedures, and processes, and how they evolve over time.

Prototype and Analyze

When it comes to new processes, stakeholders typically have many different views about approaching them most successfully. But, more importantly, which ideas will work?

Prepare for every Scenario

Spreadsheets can successfully simulate a static situation, but what happens when you need to estimate the effects of an assembly line failure? Praxis Value Simulation enables you to understand how the system will respond to various situations. Simulation allows you to test every scenario and determine the “Edge point” for your space, procedures, and resources in any scenarios.

By testing every possibility, you can reliably construct a process or facility that is suitable for purpose while also including flexibility to accommodate increasing demand or future development.



Impact across the Whole System

Praxis Value Simulation considers how the proposed system would impact space and personnel and equipment requirements, anticipated procedures, and projected continuing operating expenses throughout the design process.

What effect would a modification to one part of the process have on the remainder of the system? These interdependencies are much too complicated to be modelled using conventional spreadsheets. Considering the broad picture and comprehend potential downstream consequences of the new process by modelling the whole process before implementing.

Stakeholder Buy-In

Praxis Value Simulation being dynamic, you may easily demonstrate to decision-makers the advantages of new procedures and elicit a desire for change. Great chances are missed due to the project’s potential was buried in a lengthy briefing report.

As the stakeholders can watch the new process play, simulation is more compelling than just presenting the outcomes. Stakeholders become considerably more involved with ideas and recommendations since they can readily see and understand how the new process will function.


First Time Right

You need to develop a new business procedure, but how do you know it will be successful? Will it be able to handle the increased demand? What resources will you need to back it up?

A simulation might be used to build your process and check your assumptions before the actual system is created. This would allow for improvements to be made before it is too late and costly to do so.

Plan for Variability

Variability exists when events in your process do not always take the same amount of time or when you cannot anticipate when new work will come. You’ll always have to depend on averages if you utilise alternative methods like spreadsheets. Averages, on the other hand, can never fully represent reality.

Praxis Value Simulation allows you to understand and evaluate the influence of internal variation on your operations and the impact of external changes, allowing you to react fast and effectively.


Client Result – Case Study

Metal Industry - Aluminium Business

Client was in a situation facing the high cost of production. Market price of the Metal went down which was approximately close to the COP. The company was looking forward for the initiative that can reduce the cost while increasing the throughput…..

Simulation with Praxis Value​


Achieve your Goals – Rapidly

We partner with you to plan and create simulations, give analytical reports, get rapid results, no matter what your difficulty is.

Long-term Value

Simulation, is not just about one-offs. We can develop simple simulations that you may employ over again to make an informed decision

Vast Experience

Our consultants aren’t just experts; they’re the best process optimization & research professionals, ensuring higher ROI

Better Productivity, Hidden Insights

Praxis Value helps industrial businesses to improve both operational activities and productivity with smart Insights

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