Creating Compelling, Engaging And Effective Business Cases

Creating Compelling, Engaging And Effective Business Cases

Communicate & demonstrate the potential of your improvement proposals


Achieving Stakeholder Buy-in

Showing how ideas will solve problems using eye-catching graphics and outcomes dashboards

Stakeholders, stakeholders, stakeholders! Figuring out what they require, zeroing who you’ll need to complete the job. Considering the people who will be affected by your decision. Understanding who are monitoring your actions. A business manager must first identify his allies and adversaries before devising tactics to deal with them. Determine who genuinely wants you to succeed and who does not. Then, through talking and listening to them, find out what their success criteria are and what their fears are.

Decisions you can make

Gives stakeholders a realistic picture of the problem your business case will solve


An accurate, impartial consensus of the issue

Stakeholders will be able to see a realistic depiction of the issue that your business case will address via simulation. Simulation has significant advantages in avoiding prejudice and political problems that may arise.

Organization’s each stage of the process may be discussed, and a single consensus on how the process works to support the present state can be achieved. Focusing on a simulation and clearly showing the history, rationale, and possible advantages of a business case is a great way to move things forward.

Understand Impact of Ideas

Simulation helps show stakeholders and policymakers clearly the advantages of your business case. It’s interactive, too, so you can run the simulation yourself and test various situations. More involvement creates excitement and improves the opportunities for buying in projects.

Through improved stakeholder participation, the simulation may accelerate the development of ideas and shift the course of a project to concentrate on core organizational goals or customer needs.


Compare ideas quickly to determine the best path ahead

There is no single answer to a problem that can be pitched for any company development initiative. The idea is leaving no stone unturned. Simulation assist in choosing the most effective course of action in business situations by evaluating the impact of desired outcomes, such as boosting throughput or optimising the processes.

The simulation also includes random factors such as seasonal fluctuation or changing sales demand to ensure all possibilities and factors are considered.

Demonstrate the effect of your Business Case on Key Performance Indicators

Praxis Value Simulation allows you to test the same system multiple times with various inputs, guaranteeing that any process modifications have been thoroughly evaluated and tested.

Spreadsheets can successfully represent a static situation, but what if you need to estimate the impact of random events across your system, such as the impact of a machine breaking down? All these variables are taken into account in our solution to help you make a strong business case.



Client Result – Case Study

Metal Industry - Aluminium Business

Client was in a situation facing the high cost of production. Market price of the Metal went down which was approximately close to the COP. The company was looking forward for the initiative that can reduce the cost while increasing the throughput…..

Simulation with Praxis Value​


Achieve your Goals – Rapidly

We partner with you to plan and create simulations, give analytical reports, get rapid results, no matter what your difficulty is.

Long-term Value

Simulation, is not just about one-offs. We can develop simple simulations that you may employ over again to make an informed decision

Vast Experience

Our consultants aren’t just experts; they’re the best process optimization & research professionals, ensuring higher ROI

Better Productivity, Hidden Insights

Praxis Value helps industrial businesses to improve both operational activities and productivity with smart Insights

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