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Modern Business Intelligence - The Path to Big Data Analytics


What is Business Intelligence?

Business intelligence is an advanced data visualization technique that employs knowledge, technologies, applications, analytics, and other strategies to correctly collect, integrate, understand, and show business data.

Business intelligence systems give historical, present, and predictive perspectives of business operations, most commonly using data from a data warehouse or a data mart and, on rare occasions, operational data. Reporting, interactive “slice-and-dice” pivot-table analytics, visualization, and statistical data mining are all supported by software components. Applications deal with sales, production, financial, and a variety of other types of business data for a variety of objectives, including business performance management.

Business Intelligence

There will be more digital bits of data than stars in the known universe


Every second, enormous amounts of data are created and collected. Some experts predict that by next year, there will be more digital bits of data than stars in the known universe.

This massive amount of data can be used to boost business intelligence and assist companies in cost-cutting and fraud prevention. However, figuring out how to use that data is a difficult; many large corporations are only analyzing about 12% of their data. According to a 2019 survey of worldwide CEOs, 87 percent say data is critical for understanding their company’s risk exposure, yet only 22% believe their present data is adequate.

Even though a company’s top executives have access to a variety of data, they often do not have access to information that would help them make better decisions. However, due to a shortage of data sources, the reports contain too many signs or, on the opposite, omit essential issues. The lack of structure in reports makes it difficult to grasp the text and interpret the data correctly. Ultimately, there is an inappropriate link between reporting and a company’s strategic goals or current projects.

What to Expect

Business Intelligence Services – Helping clients identify potential risks & create Value

Customized reports to monitor KPIs using data sources, financial, operations, & sales data.

Track metrics, help busy executives stay on top of the KPIs that matter the most to business.

Budgeting, planning, & forecasting – Stay ahead of the competition, beyond standard analysis

Team can focus on their short and long term goals and analyze the impact of their decisions.

Leverage existing data to deliver info to stakeholders at right time, optimize time-to-decision.

Listening customers, watching competitors, & improving operations, revenue likely increase.

Our Approach

Transform your organization to Business Intelligence environment

Praxis Value Advanced Analytics has BI professionals across many industries. We can see the substance in data and assist management by picking the right indicators, analyzing the data, and planning how to use it. A well-defined dashboard helps monitor strategic changes and appraise ongoing efforts. It’s straightforward to use, reducing management time and facilitating operational and strategic management decisions.

At Praxis Value, we assist our clients in using AI to perform their tasks faster, more affordably, and with greater accuracy than ever before. All the terms and conditions can be read by machines. On transportation networks, they can forecast behavior. In crowds, they can recognize faces. Our AI teams include experts in cognitive computing, deep learning, machine learning, and the generation and processing of natural language. We will assist you in transforming the data you already possess into actionable information for your company.

At Praxis Value we leverage facts to make impactful decisions, with the goal of maximizing financial value, and this spirit infuses all we do. Our approach is to capitalize on the potential opportunities, which results in an increase in EBITDA.


Likely to execute decisions as intended
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More likely to have 10%+ YOY revenue growth
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More likely to make decisions much faster
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Client Results - Case Study

Industry – Paper Industry

Client was facing due to the high production losses due to the high number of issues & stoppages in the machine. Also, to remain competitive, it needed to improve its manufacturing facilities to reduce cost, increase capacity and innovation to remain competitive. Primarily they required a process for proactive monitoring to address the business needs…

Advanced Analytics with Praxis Value


Agile & Lean Delivery

Agile project delivery and development process for data analysis, discovery, and interpretation

Long-term Value

Proven track record, rapid, cost-effective project delivery that saves customers money and time while also adding value

Strong Technological Expertise

Experienced in an array of industry verticals. Client-centric collaborative, conversational, & transparent approach

Industry Best Standards in Data Privacy

Because data privacy is firmly ingrained in every encounter, we adhere to the best practices for protecting your data.

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