Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

Savings potential across the areas of Organization


What is Rapid OPEX (Operational Excellence)?

Operational excellence is executing a company plan with less operational risk, a lower operating cost, and more significant revenues than its competence, more consistently and reliably than the competitors. In today’s technology-driven by quickly changing business models, it is more necessary than ever that businesses undertake a business transformation in every respect.

Operational Excellence is shown by integrated income, cost, and risk performance. It focuses on satisfying customer expectations by continuously improving operating procedures and the organization’s culture. The objective is to build a single integrated management system of enterprise levels with an optimal flow.

Operational Excellence

Leveraging performance intelligence to increase agility, reliability, and efficiency

The COVID-19 pandemic intensified global supply chain issues previously present beneath the surface of the business, resulting in revolutionary upheaval and fast transformation. Pandemic significantly influenced manufacturers’ and processors’ operating processes, prompting them to accelerate their transformation journeys to adapt in real-time to these rapid market shifts and become more productive and operationally robust.

It is now more important than ever to achieve operational excellence. Companies have increased their attention on obtaining more significant levels of operating performance as competition has grown and expectations for high performance have improved. This is why 80-90 percent of Fortune 500 businesses have established an Operational Excellence program.

Manufacturers and processors must continue to accelerate their transformation by using a standard link from engineering to operations that leverages performance intelligence to increase agility, reliability, and efficiency while also establishing operational resilience and sustainability.

What to Expect

Fast identification and evaluation of cost reduction potentials in individual plants or the entire plant network
Make sure that every dollar contributes to the achievement of your primary objectives.
Inculcate a culture of sense of ownership throughout the entirety of the organization.
Changes in behaviour & approach towards work in order to achieve process improvements.

Direct the finances on endeavours & activities that will contribute to business development.

Contribute to the enhancement of the extended business value through financial assistance.
Develops an effective program that cuts across functional boundaries & focus on objectives.

Our Approach

Evaluating possibilities for cost reduction in individual areas or at Organizational Level

Operational Excellence provides a systematic framework for quickly identifying and evaluating possibilities for cost reduction in individual areas or at the plant level network. We discover cost drivers and optimization levers in your direct or indirect sectors, define their economic potential and take necessary action to make this happen efficiently through the integration of several assessment techniques.

Praxis Value Cost Management focuses on enterprise-wide, structural changes that might lead to long-term cost reductions and profit increases. In doing so, we work to assist our clients in creating cost structures that are scalable and profitable to generate profits. Based on our significant experience with cost improvement initiatives across industries, our services typically fall into main transformation strategies to assist firms in addressing their unique cost and strategic concerns.

At Praxis Value we leverage facts to make impactful decisions, with the goal of maximizing financial value, and this spirit infuses all we do. Our approach is to capitalize on the potential opportunity, which results in an increase in EBITDA.


Cost Reduction
0 %
ROI for Cost Transformation
15 %
Value in First Year
0 %

Client Result - Case Study

Metal Industry - Aluminum Business

Champions never rest on their laurels, but instead focus on the next stage goal. A company with around 5000 people across multiple sites is likewise on the lookout for a “North Star.” It all starts with an operations strategy and the initiatives that follow it, which should be applied at every location to improve efficiency. In addition to the OPEX problems, the corporation reorganized all manufacturing facilities using the “zero-based organization” method in collaboration with Praxis Value…

Cost Reduction with Praxis Value


Unbiased Viewpoint

We leverage facts to make informed & impactful decisions, with the goal of maximizing financial value, and this spirit infuses all we do

Straight to the point

We bring the experience and approach to capitalize on potential opportunity, which often results in a 20–40% increase in EBITDA

Execution & Speed

Because time is the single asset that can never be bought back, we understand the significance of delivering True Value – Rapidly

Innovative toolbox

Our cutting-edge, one-of-a-kind approaches help businesses in accounting for complexity costs and comprehend their true profitability

Core Competencies

What we think

What can we help you achieve?

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