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What is Business Transformation?

Business transformation is a change in business strategy that encompasses any shift, realignment, or fundamental alteration in business processes. The goal is to improve the company’s alignment with its business strategy and vision by making changes to processes, people, or systems (technology).

A company may explore a transformation for a variety of reasons, including new technology, market shifts, poor profit and turnover, or a merger and acquisition. It may entail changes to the entire organisation, such as when two companies involved in a merger or purchase are integrated. It could also require a shift in a single function, such as IT, HR, or finance.

Unprecedented changes in the structure of markets, customer preferences, and stakeholder expectations necessitate an exceptionally adaptable and agile management team to run enterprises and achieve profitable growth. Sticking to a single breakthrough product or service idea is no longer enough to provide firms with long-term success. A clear grasp of an organization’s vision is required to construct a foundation around which essential levers can be developed and constantly altered to design acceptable products and services for changing markets. The levers might range from business process modification to a total overhaul of business models, resulting in a whole new level of business transformation.


Praxis Value Consulting, with its deep grasp of shifting trends, provides business advisory services to its clients in order to assist them in aligning with the desire for innovation and the changing nature of their customers. Newer ways of doing business are the keys to success, and this necessitates the appropriate strategic direction as well as rapid implementation. Praxis Value helps businesses come up with the right strategies and put them into place, which helps them achieve long-term success by changing their approach to markets and stakeholders.

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A closer look at Business Transformation​

Synergic growth under different business scenarios to be truly transformative


Top-line Revenue Growth

All-encompassing Strategy for a healthy Top-line


Savings or Profitability

Improve profitability & Create Competitive Advantage


Customer Experience

Create breakthrough Customer Experiences

What we deliver

Our comprehensive competence is founded on in-depth technical, methodological, and technological knowledge, as well as access to leading Business Transformation standards

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

Lean, Six Sigma, Simulation, Data Analytics
develop new process

Lean Production

Lean Production

VSM, SMART Factory, Shop Floor Management

Quality, Stability

Quality, Stability

Lean Six Sigma, Training’s, Consulting

Digital Operations

Digital Operations

PLM, IOT, Digital Assistance System



Efficiency and competitiveness

Supply Chain

Supply Chain

PLM, IOT, Digital Assistance System

Featured Business Transformation Services ​

Transformation - Competitive Dynamic Capabilities ​

The Source of the Competitive advantage. Shaping transformation for maximum ROI

   Design Clear Value Strategy

    • Articulate Enterprise & functional strategy
    • Establish clarity on Differentiating Capabilities
    • Focused portfolio – Supports Value Creation Plan

  Get in Shape for Growth

    • Model that supports Strategy, Growth & Value
    • Focus on Differentiating Capabilities
    • Establish Competitive & adaptive cost base

  Engage teams to Accelerate

    • Align strategy to Business Imperatives & purposes
    • Proactive investments in talent development
    • Prioritise critical behaviours that shape the culture

What to Expect​

We work with you one-on-one to help you build and implement plans for growth. This leads to the development of specific tactics that will help you achieve the transformation you need

We assist our clients in developing strategies by matching skills with potential possibilities for enterprise transformation.

We help clients improve their business performance by optimizing processes, reducing waste, and measuring outcomes using relevant technologies.

We assist you to evaluate current organizational and market signals to build a future-focused workforce.

We assist you in implementing strategies and processes that consistently deliver risk-adjusted results and effective enterprise objectives.

We’ll evaluate your current skill set, development goals, and future goals to help you design and implement the HR reforms required to empower your future state.

By leveraging data analytics, our team can help you redefine critical supply chain issues including inventory optimization, logistics & distribution planning.

Our Approach​

We initiate by doing a thorough analysis of current state and your requirements, then offer and implement an appropriate, reliable solution.

Proven Outcomes

Reductions in working capital
30 %
Client Cost Savings
15 %
Revenue Growth
5 %

Client Results - Case Study

Industry – Industrial Engineering

A manufacturing was suffering from slow growth and diminished market share. To remain competitive, it needed to improve its manufacturing facilities to reduce cost and increase capacity. It also need to invest in innovation to remain competitive. Praxis Value Incorporated Lean Six Sigma principles to improve the company’s plant performance, which yielded 15 percent cost savings and increased flexibility.

Business Transformation with Praxis Value​


Unlocking Value Fast

By focusing on the key areas for innovation, Capabilities & performance alignment with key enterprise strategies

Sustaining Success

By collaborating with leaders across the company to ensure that operational advantages are sustained over time

Strengthening Capabilities

By offering organizations the digital tools, skills, and expertise they need to tackle the operational challenges

Optimizing the Supply Chain

By dismantling silos and establishing transparency across the operational theme

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