Take The Guess Out Of Capex

Take The Guess Out Of Capex

Let’s you be sure that invested capital will have its maximum impact


Understand the future impact of CAPEX

Ensuring that Business Capital Expenditure will have its maximum ROI

Capital expenditures are an unavoidable element of running a business. Capex project management is being transformed by forward-thinking firms in order to maximize the return on investment. Throughout a variety of economic cycles, every significant firm undertakes capital expenditures at some point to expand, or at the very least maintain, their competitive advantages. Every industry faces a variety of challenges when it comes to managing this expenditure on acquiring, upgrading, and sustaining physical assets.

Decisions you can make

Simulation allows you to properly mitigate any risks before rollout

Future impact of Investment

In the months and years ahead, significant investments will help your future growth. However, because the world is always unknown, it might be challenging to forecast the actual return on investment projects.

Simulation enables you to examine the effect of people and technology investments on key performance indicators in seconds, not years. Other planning methods may fail to identify possible hidden financial risks, high costs, or any impact on your business operations.

Impact of variability

To predict the potential influence of variabilities, such as varying customer demand or socioeconomic conditions, on investment projects, an analysis tool like a spreadsheet can model static situations.

Praxis Value simulation technology can simulate both the unpredictability and variability that occurs in real-world systems, making it possible to test all investment projects to their maximum potential


Zero-Risk and Cost

Experimenting in the actual world is fraught with dangers. Significant continuing operating cost commitments are required for investments such as building a new manufacturing facility or expanding a facility.

There are risks connected with capital expenditures, such as employing new employees or acquiring new equipment, and the implications of these actions. Financial KPIs like capital, cost per station, and personnel costs can all be tracked using Simulation, and the affordability of various investment alternatives may be deeply analysed.

Client Result – Case Study

Metal Industry - Aluminium Business

Client was in a situation facing the high cost of production. Market price of the Metal went down which was approximately close to the COP. The company was looking forward for the initiative that can reduce the cost while increasing the throughput…..

Simulation with Praxis Value​


Achieve your Goals – Rapidly

We partner with you to plan and create simulations, give analytical reports, get rapid results, no matter what your difficulty is.

Long-term Value

Simulation, is not just about one-offs. We can develop simple simulations that you may employ over again to make an informed decision

Vast Experience

Our consultants aren’t just experts; they’re the best process optimization & research professionals, ensuring higher ROI

Better Productivity, Hidden Insights

Praxis Value helps industrial businesses to improve both operational activities and productivity with smart Insights

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