Our industry teams have spent decades dealing with the nuances of your industry, and know the challenges in your value chain. 

Advanced Manufacturing

We are focused on helping our industrial clients, across all sectors, mobilize their organizations to deliver sustainable results.

Automotive & Mobility

We help top management make breakthrough decisions that generate profitable growth through improved cost positions and increased efficiency.


Healthcare companies must identify ways to deliver better value for patients, fuel innovation and reduce the cost and complexity of operating systems.


Machinery & Equipment

Praxisvalue works with the world’s leading producers of machinery, equipment, systems and controls to navigate shifts in demand from mature to developing markets.

Metals & Mining

We help the world’s largest metals and mining companies make critical decisions about strategy, performance improvement.

metal and mining

Oil & Gas

Prasixvalue supports oil and gas companies’ critical decisions across a broad range of strategic and operational functions.

Praxis Value Delivers Results

Our client realized, Despite consistent sales, the threat to market leadership was reflected in a significant margin reduction. The facility also has a cost coverage gap even at low underutilization. High fixed costs, in particular, limit demand flexibility. There were redundant functions such as logistics, maintenance, and quality, and the production organisation provided an insufficient balance of responsibilities. Despite this, other concerns had taken precedence.

When the Challenge is Value Creation

A manufacturing company was experiencing stunted growth and a loss of market share. It needed to enhance its manufacturing facilities to reduce costs and increase capacity in order to stay competitive. To stay competitive, it must also invest in innovation. Praxis Value deployed Lean Six Sigma techniques to improve the plant’s efficiency, resulting in a 15% cost reduction and increased flexibility.

Core Competencies

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