Accelerated Cost Reduction

Accelerated Cost Reduction

Sustainable restructuring of small, medium and large sized businesses. Unlock significant value rapidly and exert a positive influence throughout your business

In recent times, Cost reduction has become a top concern for manufacturing, service, communications, technology and media companies – Costs and complexity are rising at the same time as new technology, services, and distribution methods emerge. Many firms were off-guarded by the present economic crisis and the pace of its emergence. Today, many managers are concerned with their short and mid-range estimates even though long-term predictions indicate a revival of the global economy in the next several years.

Praxis Value sustainable restructuring plan can reduce the uncertainty in the short term while planning for the longer term. Our technique allows organisations to describe possible situations, speed up the cash flow and develop a corporate cost transformation program.

Praxis Value team will work with you to combat these and other factors over time, leveraging our cost management experience to help you achieve long-term cost reductions across your business. At Praxis Value we understand that quick wins are going to cut it and that making significant changes to your company and operational processes will give you a more effective and longer advantage. Corporate-wide initiatives—galvanizing the organisation, lowering operational expenses, identifying the appropriate analytic tools—are deployed by Praxis Value for further cost reductions.

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We approach milestones that governs practical Cost Reduction Initiatives

Defining the long-term success and evolution of most industry value chains.



The Key driver for the cost Base- into plus or minus depending on their degree of effectiveness and efficiency of the processes.



A disrupted supply chain or new aggressive rivals may drive you to take pre-emptive hedge measures in turbulent markets.



Cost transformation should actively manage, enhance profitability & competitiveness instead of “treated” just in emergencies.

What we deliver

Zero Based Organization

Goal : Optimizing Capacities & Competencies

Zero based Organization

Results : ↓ Indirect Costs by 25% - 40%

Predictive Analysis

Predictive Intelligence

Goal : Highly Efficient Organization

Predictive Intelligence

Results : ↓ Indirect Costs by 15% - 20%

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

Goal : Reduction of Manufacturing Cost

Operational Excellence

Results : ↓ 20% in Operations& Logisitics Cost


Maintenance Excellence

Goal : Reliable Business Operations

Maintenance Excellence

Results : ↓ Maintenance Costs by 25% - 40%

Inventory cost transformation

Inventory Cost Transformation

Goal : Reduction of Manufacturing Cost

Inventory Cost Transformation

Results : ↓ Inventories by 20% - 55%

Value Engineering

Value Engineering

Goal : Competitive Manufacturing Cost

Value Engineering

Results : ↓ Maintenance Costs by 15% - 20%


From “Save –to– Grow” to “Save –to– Transform”

Integrating spend reduction levers with Next Generation Operating Models & Digital Technologies


Maximizing Cost & Spend Reduction Levers

Unwavering commitment on model, organizational efficiency & process improvement. Increasing compliance & decreasing non-labor costs

Evolving Responsibility & Service Delivery Models

Optimizing split of accountability between Corporate and Business Unit. While continuing to drive business operating model innovation.

Analytics & Automation – Efficiency Solution

Leveraging analytics for real-time insights, issues and exception management. Developing business processes by leveraging simulation, RPA, ML & AI.

What to Expect

Our Cost Transformation focuses on Long-term structural changes that reduce costs while increasing profit margins.

Help the finance to create the extended business value

Helps rebooting cost structure & being prepared for uncertain times

Steer funds to the projects & initiatives that will propel business forward

Change style of working to achieve continuous improvement

Develops efficient cross-functional programme

Instil a sense of ownership throughout the company

Our Four-Stage Cost Reduction Approach

Companies are being forced to swiftly change their cost structures due to low demand, declining profits, or new rivals. 

Proven Outcomes

Savings Identified
25 %
Value Delivered in First Year
50 %
Average ROI for Cost Optimization Clients
40 %

Client Result - Case Study

Metal Industry - Aluminum Business

Champions never rest on their laurels, but instead focus on the next stage goal. A company with around 5000 people across multiple sites is likewise on the lookout for a “North Star.” It all starts with an operations strategy and the initiatives that follow it, which should be applied at every location to improve efficiency. In addition to the OPEX problems, the corporation reorganized all manufacturing facilities using the “zero-based organization” method in collaboration with Praxis Value…

Cost Reduction with Praxis Value


Unbiased Viewpoint

We leverage facts to make informed & impactful decisions, with the goal of maximizing financial value, and this spirit infuses all we do

Straight to the point

We bring the experience and approach to capitalize on potential opportunity, which often results in a 20–40% increase in EBITDA

Execution & Speed

Because time is the single asset that can never be bought back, we understand the significance of delivering True Value – Rapidly

Innovative toolbox

Our cutting-edge, one-of-a-kind approaches help businesses in accounting for complexity costs and comprehend their true profitability

Core Competencies

What we think

What can we help you achieve?

You are on the way to the easiest business growth ever. Don’t hesitate and reach us today to change the future
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