Robotic Automation First Time Right

Robotic Automation First Time Right

Identify and evaluate risk-free return prospects for Robotic Process Automation.


What is the driving force behind Robotic Process Automation?

Automation’s liberate workers from repetitive activities results in better engagement & competitive edge

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is a new technology that’s designed to automate repetitive operations to make procedures more efficient and cut expenses. By 2024, Gartner believes that businesses that integrate automated operations with a new operating model would save expenses by 30 percent.

Benefits of Robotic Process Automation

Improved precision, accuracy, productivity, cost savings, & focus on high-value activities

Identify the Right Area

To get the most out of RPA, you’ll need to figure out which procedures will yield the most value from automation. But how do you go about it? Simulation helps you to rapidly identify the areas of your existing process that will benefit the most from RPA by modelling every piece of it, including procedures where:

Work – Volumes of Work: Automating your highest volume processes 
Time – Too Long to Process: Automate high time consuming processes
Defect – Lot of Rework: Eliminate manual errors in the process
Resources – Optimization of the Resources as per the Demand

Assess ROI – Risk Free

Once you have determined which areas would benefit from automation, how do you identify the components that will have the most impact, or those to work on first? Trying to automate everything at once may seem like a good idea, but firms should know the true return on investment before they start doing so.

To obtain RPA-like skills, you need to simulate your present process using a simulation like the one you developed. Praxis Value Simulation rapidly determines the places where the robots will be most beneficial by performing simulation trials using alternative configurations or locations.


Prepare Processes for Automation

It’s vital to identify the knock-on effects of implementation and pinpoint areas of the process for automation. This covers the impact on other aspects, internal resources, systems and applications, and customers. To avoid any company disturbance, every aspect must be examined.

You’ll be able to rapidly discover the consequences of adopting automation and test “what-if” scenarios since simulation enables you to model your whole planned process. If your company decides to use RPA, you may utilise the simulation to check that the automation has the expected operational and strategic impact and discover other areas for development.

Client Result – Case Study

Metal Industry - Aluminium Business

Client was in a situation facing the high cost of production. Market price of the Metal went down which was approximately close to the COP. The company was looking forward for the initiative that can reduce the cost while increasing the throughput…..

Simulation with Praxis Value​


Achieve your Goals – Rapidly

We partner with you to plan and create simulations, give analytical reports, get rapid results, no matter what your difficulty is.

Long-term Value

Simulation, is not just about one-offs. We can develop simple simulations that you may employ over again to make an informed decision

Vast Experience

Our consultants aren’t just experts; they’re the best process optimization & research professionals, ensuring higher ROI

Better Productivity, Hidden Insights

Praxis Value helps industrial businesses to improve both operational activities and productivity with smart Insights

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