Data Governance & Data Quality

Data Governance & Data Quality

Unfolding the different layers of Data Quality Management


What is Data Governance & Data Quality?

Data governance is a combination of components—data, roles, processes, communications, measurements, and technologies—that assist businesses in formally managing and controlling their data assets. As a result, businesses may achieve the greatest mix of security and accessibility while remaining compliant with standards and regulations and ensuring data assets are delivered to where they are needed most.
Other terms used to describe data governance are data stewardship and data quality. These databases link governance details to the data lifecycle, resulting in improved data integrity, usability, and integration. Within a company, governance is responsible for both internal and external data flows.

Data Governance

Data is significantly changing the game in today’s world


Companies around the business are grappling with a rising dilemma in the digital economy: how to use the massive amounts of data they currently collect to add value to their businesses and customers without crossing the line into unethical, unlawful, or undesirable use. To maintain this growth, organizations must not only pay attention to and re-evaluate their data strategy, but also implement governance measures.

The surge in data breaches, theft, and leaks has prompted governments and regulators to establish strict regulations to prevent data misuse and hold important leaders accountable for any incident that jeopardizes citizens’ interests. By focusing on data-use governance, organizations now recognize the need to regulate the information life-cycle and avoid data swamp.

Companies must adopt policies that promote openness, traceability, ownership, ethical and secure data use, and general collaboration with their data citizens to build a culture of data trust in order to effectively balance opportunity and risk.

What to Expect

Unlock the full benefits of data governance

Drive data ownership and accountability framework along with Data Access Governance.

Assist in development of sustainable framework and KPI’s to manage the Data Quality.

Enable business to strategically govern data & set-up operational Data Governance Council

Define operational architecture for data privacy, protection and Data-Use Governance.

Drive discovery, transparency & traceability of data (Automated report to source traceability)

End-to-end data life-cycle governance (Best Practice, Policy, Process, Rules & Templates).

Our Approach

Data Governance Services – Want the max out of your data?

Praxis Value’s Data Governance Framework includes enterprise data architecture, enterprise data management, information lifecycle management, and the complete governance layer, to help clients adapt and comply with the constantly changing regulatory landscape of data. Our framework helps an organization become a data-driven enterprise by defining data strategy, optimizing data infrastructure, processes, and systems, and creating a data governance culture using the newest technologies.

At Praxis Value, we assist our clients in using AI to perform their tasks faster, more affordably, and with greater accuracy than ever before. All the terms and conditions can be read by machines. On transportation networks, they can forecast behavior. In crowds, they can recognize faces. Our AI teams include experts in cognitive computing, deep learning, machine learning, and the generation and processing of natural language. We will assist you in transforming the data you already possess into actionable information for your company.

At Praxis Value we leverage facts to make impactful decisions, with the goal of maximizing financial value, and this spirit infuses all we do. Our approach is to capitalize on the potential opportunities, which results in an increase in EBITDA.


Improvement in Operational Efficiency
10 %
Reduction in Time (Data Related Task)
10 X
More Likely to discover Decision Ready-Data Insights
40 %

Client Results - Case Study

Industry – Paper Industry

Client was facing due to the high production losses due to the high number of issues & stoppages in the machine. Also, to remain competitive, it needed to improve its manufacturing facilities to reduce cost, increase capacity and innovation to remain competitive. Primarily they required a process for proactive monitoring to address the business needs…

Advanced Analytics with Praxis Value


Agile & Lean Delivery

Agile project delivery and development process for data analysis, discovery, and interpretation

Long-term Value

Proven track record, rapid, cost-effective project delivery that saves customers money and time while also adding value

Strong Technological Expertise

Experienced in an array of industry verticals. Client-centric collaborative, conversational, & transparent approach

Industry Best Standards in Data Privacy

Because data privacy is firmly ingrained in every encounter, we adhere to the best practices for protecting your data.

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