Digital Process Twin

Case Study : Industry 4.0 

Digital Process Twin

Our client was facing issues when it came to optimizing a production plant for dashboards: the entire process chain, as well as all risk elements in production and supplier management, had to become more transparent. At the same time, because a sensitive material was being processed, even minor manufacturing errors resulted in complete output rejection; the scrap rate had to be lowered

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Every day, the company produces a several components. The number and complexity of process steps such as injection moulding, foaming, punching, welding, and assembly are also increased by different surface concepts. More than 500 parts are produced per shift in the foaming process alone, with a cycle time of less than one minute. This leaves little room for establishing a benchmark in terms of costs, quality, and delivery capability, as well as ensuring the transfer of work to external vendors and initiating process improvements


Focus on Performance and quality

The project team began by defining process parameters that could affect both the plant's performance and the quality of the end product. These values were derived from experience and initially covered well over a hundred different parameters, which were reduced or supplemented as the analysis progressed. The project team then ensured that the existing process data was properly aggregated and processed, as well as collecting data that had not previously been recorded. Additional sensors were also used to get the new data that was needed for the parameters that were set.

Digital Process Twin

The resulting database was then merged and analyzed in a cloud application. On this foundation, the project team created a model that accurately mapped the process of improving the dashboard production line – including all relevant parameters, their interactions, and critical values. As a result, the company now has a 'Digital Process Twin,' which monitors the entire physical process in real time and allows for early intervention based on critical process parameters.

Precise check of Value Creation Network

The project team was able to not only reduce the plant's reject rate but also make the correlations of relevant influencing factors on the quality result more transparent with the help of this 'digital twin.' In addition, the firm created a model for predicting the outcome of the next quality gate.


Standardized, Scalable & Highly Efficient Organization

‘Digital Process Twin’ opens up completely new possibilities in value stream management, such as supplier evaluation, control, and qualification. The actual structures and processes in value creation networks can be analysed much more precisely and deeply with the virtual process model than with today’s checklists and lean manuals. On the one hand, this provided the company with a valuable tool for vetting potential suppliers.

The company can now integrate new partners much more quickly and easily, reducing reliance and making the construction of new local production sites much easier. As a result, virtual process twins are an important part of smart supply chain management.

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