Improving the Profitability while increasing the throughput

Case Study : Simulation & Modelling

Improving the Profitability while increasing the throughput

Client was in a situation facing the high cost of production. Market price of the Metal went down which was approximately close to the COP. The company was looking forward for the initiative that can reduce the cost while increasing the throughput

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The company was looking forward for the initiative that can reduce the cost while increasing the throughput. Also, to understand and resolving a number of plant bottlenecks, transform & optimize the company’s metal production area, finished good productions as it had a high degree of fragility to external changes low profitability and ROI.

A step towards a Lean organization focusing to improve and reduce cost make and deliver part of the supply chain (Reduction in Operating Cost).


Praxis Value team needed a reliable and adaptable tool to examine the individual process and the whole production system.


Simulation Modelling

We preferred simulation modelling because it provided a high return on investment and allowed us to see their system evolve. When compared to standard computational and mathematical approaches, the long-term consequences may be assessed with more precision.

Agent Based Multi Method Modelling

Praxis Value created a Lean VSM followed by the 2D &3D simulation model individually for all the business units to fully consider all the interdependencies, constraints, dynamics, and variability in the overall system. It enabled organizations to solve issues in any field, integrate models, input numerous data sources, and execute models from any location, allowing for total collaboration and real-time decision making.

Real Time Optimization

Simulation models were used to determine baseline capacity with variability, simulate system dynamics, identify bottlenecks, plan production ramp-up, guide expansion, facilitate continuous improvement, evaluate P/E investment, and achieve real-time production optimization.


Manufacturing flow was modelled in whole plant simulation, utilised for capacity planning (identifying, assessing, and prioritising projects), quantitative bottleneck analysis, and evaluating improvement alternatives. By performing what-if scenarios and optimising results, real-time operational decision support.

Our simulation services provided the tools needed to make the best probabilistic and multi-scenario informed choice, resulting in Cycle time reduction by 20%, Queuing time reduction by 50%, Manpower Reduction by 15% – 20%, throughput improved by 20% following with better visibility of day-to-day operations, scheduling alternatives, and lower manufacturing costs.

We take our clients’ confidentiality seriously. While we’ve changed their names, the results are real


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