Value Creation Framework

Innovate, Change and Manage – Manufacturing Industry

Our Model Approach

Innovate, Change, Manage

The Value Creation Model’s strategic nature, combined with its focus on operational performance and a results orientation, makes it an ideal framework for evaluating the coherence and alignment of an organization’s future ambitions, as compared to its current ways of working and responses to challenges and pain points.

Our Model is based on the powerful logic of three primary questions…

What ?
Customary processes for working and making decisions
How ?
Application of standard tools and behaviours to our business operations
Where ?
The critical business operations that create value
Strategic Benefits

This model helps organisations create a culture of improvement and innovation. A strong mission, leaders at all levels, a culture of performance, and adaptability are some of the things this model can help you achieve.

Any organization’s purpose is vital. The Praxis Value Model emphasizes purpose, vision, and adaptable ways for building sustainable methods to achieve the strategic objectives.
Our Model places a premium on innovative ideas, culture and shared goals at the center of organizations, helping them stay connected and committed to their mission.
Effective leadership keeps a company engaged to its mission and vision, so our model urges “leaders at every level” to promote effective decision-making, collaboration, and teamwork.
Every organization is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all transformation strategy. Our strategy can adapt to organizational challenges and elevate performance.
Successful organizations respond to changing dangers. Our Value creation Model provides analysis & insight to help organizations progress & transform to achieve business objectives
The Praxis Value Model was established to understand the benefits of organizational analysis, future forecasting, and predictive intelligence in accomplishing meaningful transformation.

Management Principles

The formal structures, metrics and systems through which resources are managed to align around and drive towards a common strategic direction.

Strategic Alignment

Using a common, compelling vision, create unity of purpose. Align goals and objectives to a shared vision and strategy at every level also focusing on the resource investment.

Timely Management

Measure only what is important to the customer so the needs & specifications are met additionally validating the information through the direct observation and managing the performance.

Design Systems​

A system-wide approach rather than a piecemeal approach followed by the selection of reliable technologies that meet the needs and benefit people, processes, or customers.

Operating Principles

The way the operational processes are configured & resources are deployed to create value and minimize losses.

Lean Processes

Eliminate non-value-added tasks and activities, standardizing work practices, making the standardized work visible, and standardizing the essential manufacturing processes.

System Reliability

Variability is recognized and minimised at all levels, Build strong quality controls into the organizational processes. Defects are proactively detected and addressed in the business processes.

Synchronize Flow

Create product flow is the ultimate goal, Balance processes & workloads to support flow. Pull at the demand of the customer build products based on actual demand and not on forecasts

Organizational Capabilities

Aligning the entire organization around a value stream orientation that supports all the framework elements and continuously build capabilities to ensure the sustained success in the future.

Performance Organization

Establishing a safe and wholesome working environment. Boost employee commitment by making them aware of their impact on the company's customers.

Customer Value

Designing the organization structure, spans & layers to support the value streams. Collocate the cross functional teams to achieve the strategic objectives of the organization.

Bond Organization

Develop external relationships and partnerships. Maintain an insight-driven approach to discovering unfulfilled demands also Creating an collaborative environment at all levels.

Leadership & Culture

Lead change in mind-sets and behaviours and engage employees in defining, executing and improving the value stream performance to strengthen customer trust.

Shape Organization

Transform ideas into observable solutions and products that add value to the customer and the business. Challenging the current quo, taking the lead, and being flexible.

Lead Organization

Take ownership of the talent acquisition, performance and development of self and others. Maximise the power of diversity and inclusion within the overall organization at all levels.

Deliver Value

Empower people to act with speed, agility and accountability. Demonstrating a global and enterprise wide mind-set and balancing the short and long term strategic choices.

“Our mission is to assist organisations in achieving great results and meaningful advantages for all of their key stakeholders as well as society as a whole.”

Our Approach

Our Transformational Journey

Our journey to transform the organization has no end. Contrary to the approach “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”, we must understand that there is always opportunity for improvement. The deeper we understand our processes the more we see opportunities.

A culture of continuous improvement must be evident throughout the organization where everyone is expected to participate in improving their own area of work People must feel comfortable identifying deficiencies in current performance, this behaviour drives performance improvement. Significant behavioural and organizational change requires a high level of engagement across the organization to ensure success.

Praxis Value Consulting focuses on enterprise-wide, structural changes that might lead to long-term cost reductions and profit increases. In doing so, we work to assist our clients in creating cost structures that are scalable and profitable to generate profits. Based on our significant experience with improvement initiatives across industries, our services typically fall into main transformation strategies to assist firms in addressing their unique cost and strategic concerns.

Key Benefits

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Other Benefits

Business Improvement with Praxis Value


Unbiased Viewpoint

We leverage facts to make informed & impactful decisions, with the goal of maximizing financial value, and this spirit infuses all we do

Straight to the point

We bring the experience and approach to capitalize on potential opportunity, which often results in a 20–40% increase in EBITDA

Execution & Speed

Because time is the single asset that can never be bought back, we understand the significance of delivering True Value – Rapidly

Innovative Toolbox Hidden Insights

Our cutting-edge, one-of-a-kind approaches help businesses in accounting for complexity costs and comprehend their true profitability

What we think

What can we help you achieve?

You are on the way to the easiest business growth ever. Don’t hesitate and reach us today to change the future
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